FRIDAY March 20 & SATURDAY March 21, 2020. Luau Dinner & Concert March 22, 2020

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Aloha from Keith and Nani Lowery. Thank you for visiting the website, and especially your interest in attending the 2nd Annual Gaithersburg UkeFest. If this is your first time visiting the website you might be wondering, "How did this all come about"? It's an interesting story, one that we can now share. Keith was inspired by the 2018 Funky Frets UkeFest, in Boyerstown, PA. Since Nani was one of the instructors, the both of us were treated with a two-night stay at the B & B in town with the other instructors and performers. What a treat!!! We got to eat breakfast and converse with the likes of Herb Ohta, Jr., Uncle Zac, Del Ray and the Aloha Boys. The workshops, concerts and the train ride (from Boyertown to Pottstown) were all terrific. On the trip back home to Maryland, Keith exclaimed, "We could organize a ukulele festival" right in our hometown of Gaithersburg, Maryland.  At this point Nani thought her husband had hit his head.  But here we are wondering how we were able to pull off such a wonderful UkeFest. When I arrived at Covenant UMC for the Friday evening workshops and concert, I was greeted by one of the attendees.  "You know what they say Keith...Build it and they will come"! 

We believe when you explore this website and see the 2019 guest artists who took part in this festival, and preview the 2020 artists, and all they will have to offer, you will agree with us that this is an event you don't ever want to miss. You will also find details pertaining to a Children's Ukulele Festival, and a Hula Seminar. We hope to see you March 20-22, 2020!  

Highlights of 2019 Festival


Ukulele Fool Interviews



2019 Charity Raffle

Gaithersburg UkeFest teams up with Gaithersburg Help


The festival attendees donated $1,000 in raffle ticket purchases for a chance to win a brand new KoAloha long-neck soprano ukulele.

And the winner is!


Margo Goldman, Director of Gaithersburg Help selected the winning ticket and receive the promotional check at the Saturday evening concert. Rick Higgens was the winner of the raffle, and absolutely loved his new ukulele!

Kaya Crespo and Gracie Terzian

Check out this wonderful performance by Kaya and Gracie!

Rebecca White and Stu Fuchs

Check out this wonderful performance by Rebecca and Stu!

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Our Partners