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Greetings from Keith and Nani Lowery. Thank you for visiting the website, and especially your interest in attending the Inaugural Gaithersburg UkeFest, to be held in Gaithersburg, Maryland. You might be wondering, "How did this all come about"? It's an interesting story, one which we will not bore you with now. Suffice it to say, Keith was inspired by a recent ukulele festival we attended together...Funky Frets UkeFest, in Boyerstown, PA. On the trip back home to Maryland, Keith exclaimed, "We could organize a ukulele festival" right in our hometown of Gaithersburg, Maryland.  At this point Nani thought her husband had hit his head.  But here we are, a few months away from what one person described as, "A Big Deal"! We believe when you explore this website and see the guest artists who are taking part in this festival, you will agree with us that this is an event you don't want to miss. We hope to see you there!  

Schedule of Events


Friday, March 15, 2019 at Covenant United Methodist Church; Montgomery Village, MD

     5:30-6:00 PM   Registration/Check-in

     6:00-7:00 PM   Pre-Concert Workshops

          Stu Fuchs                              Ukulele Zen: Get Rhythm!

          Gracie Terzian                    Ukulele Fingerpicking

          Lori Perine                            Jazz It Up!

7:30-9:30 PM   Concert

7:30 PM       Preview of Saturday Evening Concert

                      Special duet: Gracie Terzian and Stu Fuchs

7:40 PM       DeJohn

8:05 PM       Naniukulelejoy      

8:25 PM             Intermission

8:45 PM       Uncle Zac

Saturday, March 16, 2019 at Epworth United Methodist Church; Gaithersburg, MD

     8:15-9:00 AM     Registration/Check-in

     9:00-9:50 AM        Session 1 Workshops 

     10:00-10:50 AM      Session 2 Workshops 

     11:00-11:50 AM        Session 3 Workshops

          12:10 PM                             Lunch

     1:00-1:20 PM   Ukulele Jam in Sanctuary (Optional)

                               w/ Melissa Nannen

     1:30-2:20 PM       Session 4 Workshops

     2:30-3:20 PM      Session 5 Workshops

     3:30-4:20 PM      Session 6 Workshops

          4:45 PM                            Dinner

     5:40-6:00 PM  Ukulele Jam in Sanctuary (Optional)

                                 w/ Roy Cox

     6:15-9:00 PM                        Concert

               6:15 PM            Uncle Zac

               6:30 PM           Curt Sheller

               6:50 PM           Gracie Terzian

               7:30 PM                       Intermission

               7:45 PM            Stu Fuchs

               8:30 PM           Aloha Boys


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